About Us

The key for our success is continuous focus on customer needs and pursuit on innovations. We believe that the focus on customers will enable us to understand explicitly what our customers need and then make great efforts to meet your needs and provide a best ever online shopping experience.

Service:"When customers feel happy, we will feel all the happier", this is our belief and commitment chunjiyuan.com provides well considerate and timely services. Our online and offline custom service assistants are always readily to listen to our customers’ voice. Customer needs are addressed with timely solutions and appropriate enhancement and necessary follow-ups.

Innovations:"When customers excited, we will be exited" Our customers are delighted with our fashion trend items, which bring personality and surprises to their daily life or special occasion.

Excellence: Excellence is our core corporate spirit. Striving for excellence of quality product and service, craving for perseverance and perfection as "never stop getting better".

Responsibility: We cherish harmony between customers and profits, taking full responsibilities on all the products that are purchased from us. We have our specific email inbox (service@chunjiyuan.com), listening to our customers complaints or disputes or any of their deepest voice.